I’ve been doing some studying and as always lots of self-growth. I’m a strong believer that we always have another level of growth, healing and wisdom we can achieve and I am constantly working to bring myself to new levels. Something just came up for me just now as I was working. We all have these statements and beliefs that we are reasons that we aren’t as successful as we wish to be. Things like, ‘If I had more help around the house, I could do that’ or ‘You don’t understand… blah, blah, blah’. You get the point. The truth of the matter is these are all EXCUSES. We all have levels of self-sabotage that we commit on ourselves, some more extreme than others. The question to really, really dig in and figure out what is holding you back from the success you desire? Here it is:

When someone you are close with asks you why you aren’t as successful as you would like to be, what do you secretly tell them? What is that depth of truth?

That. That is what is holding you back.

I hope this was of value to you! Stay tuned for more and please leave feedback or questions 🙂