Shamanic healing refers to techniques traditionally practiced by medicine men and women of indigenous cultures. Through studying these cultures, many similarities were found throughout the world; the core of the practices. Modern day healers who work with these techniques are referred to as having studied Core Shamanism. The essential nature of it is the same that has been done for thousands of years for healing and spiritual guidance. This is not religious in nature and is practiced by people of many different faiths and beliefs. Shamans are trained to enter a trance or meditative-like stage to bring about knowledge and healing to themselves or others; this can be done in person or remotely. The sessions unique for each person and each experience is not like another. For many this work is profoundly healing and comforting. While many different techniques may be required, during a session the Shamanic practitioner utilizes those that are most fundamental at that time, working with guidance not to overload or overwhelm the recipient. The assimilation typically is gentle and comforting. Some of the techniques used by shamans are included below with approximate times needed for each session. Other techniques or usages may be needed, please inquire if you have specific questions.