In Shamanism, every being carries different powers. Every person has power animals that lend support through different stages of life, sometimes for brief periods, sometimes for an entire life. The methods of support are different, depending on the animal(s). Typically the qualities a specific animal would have while alive in nature gives us indications of what powers may be harnessed from this energy. Power Animal Retrievals are done to give support and lend traits or qualities to a person for almost any facet of life.

An important note is that in non-ordinary reality, all animals are equal; there is NO hierarchy. Each has important gifts and has been called to work with you to lend certain attributes or powers to your life.

After receiving a power animal retrieval, it is important to foster the relationship; buy and put up pictures, think about the animal and what it means to you and most importantly, be grateful. This is a beautiful relationship and is very beneficial for both if it is cared for as any important relationship.
This is also powerful for children and pets!