Extraction works with misplaced energy, that may be negatively affecting your quality of life or causing dis-ease. This misplaced energy may be due to certain emotional states, “taking on” other’s thoughts or feelings, or residual from an injury or trauma. During this session, the misplaced energy is removed, leaving the recipient feeling lighter, cleaner and more vibrant.

Compassionate Depossession is beautiful work and isn’t anything to be fearful of. We all have the divine light within us and sometimes it gets dulls, blocked or we are misguided; the same thing is true for those who are deceased. Through our common wounding and attraction of that, we unconsciously allow these beings to reside with us and attached to us in some capacity. Working through the fears and allowing these energies to feel and experience the universal love available to all of us, allows them to elevate their consciousness and transition to another dimension, freeing both our energies and theirs.

Cording happens between people, places or situations that we attach ourselves to energetically. It allows the energy to flow to or from you to the other, but not in the most healthy of ways. By releasing and healing this area, it allows for a relationship to move on, be strengthened and overall is much healthier. It doesn’t mean this person, situation, or place will be gone from your life after removing a cord, but that it will be much more mature, balanced and equal.

Curses and vows can be made consciously or unconsciously, often as a mutter or belief to ourselves, about ourselves or others. Words and thoughts are extremely powerful. Simply having deep emotion tied into thinking something about how we won’t let ourselves go through something like that again, we won’t allow ourselves to fail, or the like can very well tie up our energies in certain aspects of our lives. On the other hand, some people do and have practice more active types of magic where they are intentionally placing curses upon others. Either way, the effects can cause an inability to move forward in aspects of our lives, leaving us feeling powerless, blocked or off balance. Working with my guides, I am shown situations in which these occurred and work to dismantle them from your life.

Similarily, houses, spaces or land can have the same stuck energies and can also benefit from this work. See Space Clearing for more information.