As I’ve embarked on my personal journey, shamanic healing and the shamanic journey have been paramount to my healing. I’ve come to a place of feeling deep peace and gratitudes in my daily life. Not constantly, but hey, I’m still human and haven’t levitated yet, right?! It does sound fun though, and if anyone can teach me, I’m game!

Anyways, a bit over a year ago, I took yet another class from a profound mentor of mine. This class, was in learning to become the teacher of this introductory shamanic work. I was incredibly honored to be there and take part in all of this! Since then, I’ve worked primarily online and in personal 1:1 mentorships teaching this life changing work. However, I just scheduled a class in Portland, Maine for those of you local to this area! Yahoo!! I’m so excited!! It will be extremely limited in numbers, so if you or someone you know is interested, I wouldn’t wait to sign up. It’s going to be fun!