Meet Jess

I've been on the path to wellness, energetic mastery and mindset strength for over 20 years professionally.

I love learning and growing. I'm constantly trying to uplevel and not because of low self-worth issues, but because I know I AM WORTH IT. My family is worth it. My clients are worth it. My soul is worth it.

From obtaining my BS in Health Sciences, my career in massage therapy and bodywork, studying shamanism for over a decade, channeling, working with vibrational essences and plant medicine and so much more, I have a powerful and varied skill set to clearly see, understand and help my clients shift what is standing in their way from living a life of bliss.

Whether it's fully embodying your CEO role in business or life, I'm here to support you.

Contact me for your bespoke 1:1 packages (extremely limited), class offerings or to fulfill your dream of becoming a Best-Selling Author in a solo or multi-authored book through my publishing house.

However you choose to work together, you've got my support, my high frequency and love.

Interested in working with me?

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