What if your life could be fun, meaningful and connected?

I believe it can be. For anyone. I believe it's supposed to be.

It takes commitment, belief and the right teacher to guide you.

It's undoing limiting programs, beliefs and clearing that energetic goop off.

Learning and practicing the tools to create your life, how it feels good to you.

Focusing on the present and the future and leaving the past where it is.

Raising your frequency and aligning you to your goals and desires, in business and life.

Meet Jess

I work with adults & children who don't fit into the box that they are so often shoved into.

The sensitives. The rebels. The empaths. The intuitives. The aware.

I give you the tools you need to expand into that internal power, feed that fire and use it to smash through that damn box so you can create a life that fits you. All of you.

Check out what clients say

“One of the most honest and authentic spiritual practitioners I've ever met. I've known Jessica for a while now and I love working with her. she's gentle and down to earth but gets the job done and isn't afraid to dive deep. I highly recommend her!"

Michal Atwail

“Jessica has been a wonderful ‘coach’. Over the past few months she has guided me to a place that is so many layers deeper than I knew existed. She is gentle and strong at the same time. She cares deeply about my journey and I am so glad I met her. The work we done has affected all areas of my life but especially has given me the ability to step forward into newer bigger areas of my business. To sum it up... Jessica rocks!"

Judi Cranston

CEO, Kindy Rock

"I had a session with Jess today and it was exactly what I needed. I could barely explain where I was looking for guidance and she knew exactly what I needed. I asked a couple more detailed questions specifically mentioning a deck of cards I created and she was able to describe them to me without any information. And more importantly, reaffirm that I am on the exact right path. I highly recommend a session. She dials right in and receives the exact right messages for you"

Aimee Goudas

“You don’t find light by avoiding the darkness.”― S. Kelley Harrell